Friday, November 5, 2010

Jack O' Lantern Madness

I recently saw this idea -- where you use strips of tissue and Mod Podge to cover the outsides of various sized mason jars to make adorable Jack-o-lanterns.  Well, I couldn't find suitable jars, so I found these cheap vases at the $ store and they worked just great.  The look is slightly different because they don't go in at the top (as in the neck of the jar), but they were still fun.  I used crepe paper instead of tissue strips -- no cutting involved!  And various SU punches to make the faces.

Supplies list:
glass vases (from the $ store) or a variety of canning jars
Mod Podge
foam brush
Orange, purple, and white crepe paper
Basic Black card stock
SU punches -- large oval, small oval, wide oval, star, 1 1/4" round, 1" square

Using a foam brush, paint mod podge on the outside of your vase -- in a stripe slightly wider than your crepe paper.
Apply a strip of paper letting some hang off the top and bottom -- you will trip it later.
Pat the paper down with your fingers.
Apply more mod podge to one edge of the strip you just put down (to secure it well) and make another stripe of glue immediately adjacent to the strip you just added.
Add your next strip of crepe paper -- overlapping it with the previous strip.
Again, paint more glue on this strip to hold it in place, and keep the edges from sticking up.
Repeat above steps until entire jar is covered.
Let dry overnight.
Add the faces using various punches and scraps of black card stock.  Adhere them in place with Mono Multi glue, and paint over the tops with more mod podge.  Let dry.  Put candles or flameless tea lights inside.

These jack-o-lanterns and owls and pumpkins were all centerpieces for the Harvest Carnival at my son's school.  A lot of work, but also a ton of fun!

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