Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bottles with Sass -- my latest obsession

Happy Sunny Saturday!!!

I am currently obsessed with this idea I saw on etsy to wrap wine bottles to create decor pieces.  Of course, I added my own flair with hand made felt and burlap flowers.  I saw these cute little wreaths at Joannes a while ago on clearance for 25 cents each, and I couldn't help buying them ALL because I just knew they would make the cutest letter "O" for some project.  Well, ..... this is the project!  I have officially decorated every wine bottle in my entire recycling box.  Ha Ha.  Yep! that's me.  I get an idea in my head and kind of go over the top with it. :)  Besides these types of bottles, I have the idea to use short, stubby bottles to make darling snow men -- wrapping the tops of the bottles in black and the bottoms in white.  Stay tuned for coming attractions!

I have to say, these aren't as easy as they look.  Wherever there is a curve in the bottle, the yarn wants to bunch up and not stay nice and smooth, so you have to hot glue each strand of yarn in place where the curves are.  Sounds easy, but if you put too much hot glue, it shows through the yarn, so it is a delicate balance.  My first few bottles don't look quite as polished as these you see below. BUT the good news, is that they aren't expensive to make.  Nice plus!  I plan to sell these at my arts and crafts fair that I'm hosting in November.  If you live in Kalispell and make cute stuff, contact me to hear more details about participating in my fair as a vendor! OR, if you just like to SHOP for cute stuff, by all means COME TO MY HAND MADE FOR THE HOLIDAYS ARTS AND CRAFT SHOW on November 21st!  Here is a link to more details.  Ok, ok onto my cute bottles!

Happy day to each of you!

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