Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gorgeous Sunflower Ensamble!

I dearly love this time of year, when you can get huge boquets of sunflowers!  They are such glorious, happy, striking flowers, and their colors always inspire me!  Last Sat, I was at the local farmers market and found a vendor selling sunflowers by the stem -- a variety of colors.  Oh My!!! A large boquet later, I was on my way! feeling oh so happy. :)
I've been working on some projects we will make at my next stamping class on Sept 10th at 10 am -- Stamping On Marble Tiles -- and this new Sunflower background stamp we have, is striking for this project!  Without further ado....

I love the wall decor tile featured in the last photo.  It has a warm, slightly vintage feel to it, and goes nicely with earthy tones.
To make these tiles, simply ink up your favorite stamp with Stayzon ink -- ink it really well! -- then stamp onto a tumbled marble tile (find them in the tiles section at Lowes).  You don't want a slick tile, as the ink won't stick to it well, so look for the tumbled marble tiles.  Before you stamp, use a dry cloth to dust off your tile.  After you've stamped your image, use Q-tips and dip them into Stampin' pastels to pick up the color of your choice -- then rub it onto your tile in the desired areas.  Keep adding color until you are happy with the result, then use a cotton ball and burnish your image all over to rub the color in, and remove excess dust.  When you're all finished, let your tile dry for several hours, then take it outside (to avoid toxic fumes) and spray your tile several times with Krylon clear Matte sealer.  Let tile dry a little between coats.  And, that's pretty much it!  If you spray your tile too soon after stamping, the ink can run a bit, so best to let it dry for a little while, and when you do spray it, kind of "mist" it a bit at first -- rather than drenching it.
Tumbled marble tiles
Black Stayzon ink
Krylon clear matte finish
Sunflower background stamp
Stampin' Pastels
Buttons to embellish with

Happy creating!

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