Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Denim and burlap -- a dynamic duo!

A little while ago, Michaels had a beautiful display of denim and burlap combos.  I wouldn't have thought of putting those two together, but I so loved how it looked, that I decided to make a wreath like that.  I kind of love how it turned out.  I used various buttons and beads for the centers of the flowers.  The SU burlap ribbon makes the BEST rolled ribbon flowers -- just the right thickness and texture.  I used a roll of denim ribbon I found, to make the rolled denim flowers.  Then, the SU spiral flower die  was used to die cut the rest of the flowers featured on the wreath.  I used treated burlap (paint your burlap with a mixture of 4 to 1 -- water to Modge Podge and let dry -- keeps your burlap flowers from fraying so badly) for some of them, and various denim varieties for the rest.  I used the SU retired Autumn Accents die to cut the various leaves.  The wreath is a basic 18" straw wreath that I wrapped with some wide burlap ribbon.  Very fun project to make, and a whole different look than what I've created before.

So, dig out your old denim scraps and make something lovely with them! :)

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